Tafsīr al-ʿAyyāshī

A Fourth/Tenth Century Shīʿī Commentary on the Qurʾan

Author: Abū al-Naḍr Muḥammad b. Masʿūd al-ʿAyyāshī (d. 320/932)

Translator: Nazmina Dhanji

Editor: Dr. Wahid Amin

Introduction by: Professor Meir Bar-Asher

Now available to purchase in Hardback and Paperback versions

About the Publication

Tafsīr al-ʿAyyāshī is a fourth/tenth century commentary of the Qurʾan by the Shīʿī Imāmī exegete Abū al-Naḍr Muḥammad b. Masʿūd al-ʿAyyāshī (d. 320/932). Composed during the period of the Twelfth Imam’s minor occultation (al-ghaybat al-ṣughrā) it counts as one of the earliest surviving commentaries from the early phase of Imāmī Shīʿism. Comprising several thousand traditions gathered from the Prophet Muḥammad and his household (ahl al-bayt) al-ʿAyyāshī’s tafsīr provides an overall unique Shīʿī conception of Islamic sacred history as well as an early representation of Imāmī exegesis and commentary on the outer and inner meanings of the Qurʾan, the sacred scripture of Islam. This bilingual Arabic-English edition of al-ʿAyyāshī’s tafsīr provides a complete translation in three volumes of a key text from the classical period of Imāmī Shīʿism and offers an indispensable resource for specialists and non-specialists alike interested in the history of Qurʾanic exegesis. This multivolume translation includes a detailed introduction by Professor Meir Bar-Asher, who has written extensively on the history of Imāmī exegesis, as well as multiple indices that enable the reader to engage with the text as an ongoing tool for study and research.




About the Author

Muhammad b. Mas’ud al-‘Ayyashi Sullami Samarqandi whose kunya was Abu al-Nadr is among Shi’a scholars. According to the famous view, he was born in Samarqand; while, it has also been mentioned that he was “Tamimi". Due to being born in a region where most people were Sunni, al-‘Ayyashi was first Sunni, but after studying Shi’a works, he changed his faith to Shi’a and became Shi’a. He then went to Kufa, Baghdad and Qom for education. Because of his great eagerness to learning and preaching religion, upon his return to Samarqand, he spent all the heritage of his father for dissemination of knowledge and hadiths. Al-‘Ayyashi had many works in exegesis, jurisprudence, Arabic literature and hadith. Tafsir al-‘Ayyashi is his most famous work.

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